That makes no sense at all, but as today is a happy day for me I'm trying not to make a big deal of it, but if you insist on accusing me of stuff we'll have issues. (European Spanish), Renos Mejores Que Humanos (Continuación) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] Ahtohallan Now that I have explained the meaning behind the Northuldra peoples’ name, I want to also discuss the meaning of the name of the famous magical river Ahtohallan. Link. For in this river all is found. [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] Lyric translation is a translation with preservation of the size of the song. I agree. Der Text ist unter der Lizenz „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“ verfügbar; Informationen zu den Urhebern und zum Lizenzstatus eingebundener Mediendateien (etwa Bilder oder Videos) können im Regelfall durch Anklicken dieser abgerufen werden. Die Schlacht am Atbara fand am 8. For that reason they are published here, as it has always happened on this website for OSTs. )], Tudo encontrarás [All Is Found] (European Portuguese), Vem mostrar [Show Yourself] (Brazilian Portuguese), Vilken väg ska jag ta? The Text to Speech service understands text and natural language to generate synthesized audio output complete with appropriate cadence and intonation. Hi, hey Disney released a new "short" about Olaf, and in that "short" the song "Let it go" appears. Video. Einen Fehler im Liedtext melden. as made famous by The German epic Nibelungenlied mentions the Nix in connection with the Danube, as early as 1180 to 1210. This is the magic of TTS (Text To Speech). two months ago, out of respect for your work, I didn’t add songs, I waited for you to come and start "putting things in order" А тут что развели? Also executed... - they are not performed in Frozen 2. (Tonakai no hou ga zutto ii), 下一件事 [The Next Right Thing] (China) (Xià yī jiàn shì), 做驯鹿比做人更好 [Reindeers are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Eleni az may predpochitam (Prod. Open source Text-to-Speech languages. "Show Yourself" is a song from the 2019 Disney film Frozen II. (Adamnan buğılar artıq), Баллада о реке Ахтохаллэн [All is Found] (Ballada o reke Akhtokhallan), Белгісіздікке [Into the Unknown] (Belgisizdikke), Берін табасйн [All is Found] (Berin tabasyn), Блуждаю в лесу [Lost In The Woods] (Bluždaju v lesu), Бәрін жеңемін [The Next Right Thing] (Berin zhenemin), Вечните неща [Some Things Never Change] (Večnite nešta), Вещи вечные [Some Things Never Change] (Vešči večnye), Вновь за горизонт [Into the Unknown] (Vnov za gorizont), Води пам'яті [All is Found] (Vody pam'yati), Делай, что должна [The Next Right Thing] (Delay chto dolzhna), Елени аз май предпочитам (Прод.) ), నీ మాయ వల్లో [Into the Unknown] (Nee maaya val lo), మాయేనా మరి ప్రేమలే? (Maaye na mari premale? Fix incorrect lyrics. So of course the translation can not be literal. religion hasn’t been discussed yet, but what are your beliefs? Nahrála jsem to protože jsem na Youtube nenašla kvalitní verzi této písně v češtině Try SitePal's talking avatars with our free Text to Speech online demo. [The Next Right Thing] (Unique) (Bi to hargez), توی معمّا [Into the Unknown] (Qualima) (Tu-ye mo'ammā), حاجات مش بتضيع [Some Things Never Change] (Hagat Mesh Betdeea), دنیا همینه [Some Things Never Change] (Alpha) (Donyā hamine), شادت، نیستی انسان [Reindeer(s) are Better than People] (Unique) (Shādat, nisti ensaan), عوض نمی‌شه [Some Things Never Change] (Qualima) (Avaz nemiše), عیان شو [Show Yourself] (Goonishfilm) (Ayān sho), في الغابة بتوه [Lost In The Woods] (Fi lghaba batouh), في طريق مجهول [Into the Unknown] (Fi tariq majhul), نشون بده [Show Yourself] (Qualima) (Nešun bede), نمایان شو [Show Yourself] (Unique) (Namāyān sho), نهر الذكريات [All is Found] (Nahr Aldhikriat), هستم با تو [Lost in the Woods] (Qualima) (Hastam bā to), وقتی بزرگ‌تر شَم [When I Am Older] (Goonishfilm) (Vaghti bozorgtar sham), وقتی پیرتر شَم [When I Am Older] (Unique) (Vaghti pirtar sham), وقتی که بزرگ بشم [When I am Older] (Qualima) (Vaqti ke bozorg bešam), وقتی که بزرگ شم [When I Am Older] (Alpha) (Vaqti ke bozorg Šam), پیدا شود آن‌چه پنهان [All Is Found] (Unique) (Peydā shavad ānche penhān), پیدا می‌شه [All is found] (Goonishfilm) (Peydā mishe), پیش برو [The Next Right Thing] (Qualima) (Piš boro), چشم‌به‌راه [Lost in the woods] (Unique) (Cheshm be rāh), کار درست همینه [The Next Right Thing] (Alpha Media Studio) (Kār-e dorost hamine), گوزن راحت‌تر از آدمه + من گم شدم [Reindeers are better than people (Cont.) It is performed by Idina Menzel and Evan Rachel Wood, and written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Ahtohallan (Daggerspine) Azerothian Dragon Riders - 50 Human Frost Death Knight, 117 ilvl Chat. Es kommt zu dir Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube. Es kommt zu dir Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube. Type song title, artist or lyrics. “Ahto” apparently derives from the identically-named king (or god) of the sea in Finnish mythology, who lives in his castle called Ahtola . Chat. Well, you want to breed a pigsty from different versions, you breed. Soundtracks are published as artists on this site, so that their songs are all grouped together and easier to find. )], Há coisas que não mudam [Some Things Never Change] (European Portuguese), Hacer las cosas bien [The Next Right Thing] (European Spanish), Hreindýr eru betri en mannfólk (Framhald) [Reindeers Are Better Than People (Cont)], Into the Unknown (Academy Awards version), Io preferisco le renne (Nuova versione) [Reindeer(s) are better than people (cont. (Latin Spanish), Rensdyr er bedre end mennesker (forts.) [4K] Frozen 2 | Elsa Ahtohallan [Ultrawide] Subscribe. October 31, 2020. Unique Iduna clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone. The German Nix and Nixe (and Nixie) are types of river merman and mermaid who may lure men to drown, like the Scandinavian type, akin to the Celtic Melusine and similar to the Greek Siren. Inspired by Frozen 2 movie, this design by Diane Maclaine features a magical digitally drawn horse with text "as strong as Elsa, as loyal as Anna". Text. 8 The Next Right Thing In der Deluxe-Version des Soundtracks des Films ist eine Version des Liedes enthalten, das mit einem Wiegenlied endet. Quote. (Brazilian Portuguese), Renar är bättre än män’skor (forts.) Inskickad av Jääseireeni Lör, 23/11/2019 - 15:15 [4K] Frozen 2 | Elsa Ahtohallan [Ultrawide] Subscribe. Ask. Text von La berceuse d'Ahtohallan. Frozen in Time. Yes!! Read about La berceuse d'Ahtohallan from Prisca Demarez's La reine des neiges 2 and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. There is a line of Let It Go in the movie. I have said before that, because this is the part of Ahtohallan that carries the deepest, darkest secrets of the past, the magic there is far stronger and more dangerous than the powers of Elsa, and so she has begun to turn to ice. Text. ️ Hier kostenlos nutzen und Artikel oder andere Texte umschreiben. Well, right now it's only on Disney+, so it doesn't have any "newcomer" dubs, but if that changes we'll need that page, we just have to wait and see how things turn out later. For more than 70 years, TE's DEUTSCH products have reliably performed in some of the harshest environments. As I previously said, on Lyrics Translate it's usual to put them all in the same artist page. Evan Rachel Wood performs this song in the film as Anna and Elsa's mother, Queen Iduna. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Subscribed. | Lost in the Woods (In 27 Languages), Reinsdyr er bedre enn folk (forts.) (Maan mele manidhan keezhe (ditty)), வாடை சேரும் பேராழி [All Is Found] (Vaadai serum peraazhi), ఇక్క నేఁవుంటా, బావుందా రెళ్ళేతా [Let it Go (snippet)] (Ikka nemvuntaa, baavundaa relletaa), ఇప్పుడంటే చెప్పలేని కాన్ని [When I Am Older] (Ippudante cheppaleni kaani), కొన్నే శాశ్వతం [Some Things Never Change] (Konne shashvatham), నన్నొదిలెళ్ళావా? And I got bored, so I'm reporting the issue for the Admins and other Mods to speak their minds. Şarkının dili 'Turkish (Anatolian Dialects)' ... Fields have been added to the form. )], Rentiere sind besser als Menschen (Neue Version) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. frozen 2 ahtohallan song lyrics english. bekannt durch Frozen 2. What do you mean with 'evil soundtracks'? Všechna práva náleží tvůrcům. (Man seun luk jam mo oi ta yan), 回忆之河 [All is Found] (China) (Huí yì zhī hé), 在森林迷路 [Lost in the woods] (China) (Zài sēn lín mí lù), 寻找真相 [Into the Unknown] (China) (Xún zhǎo zhēn xiāng), 当我长大 [When I Am Older] (China) (Dāng wǒ zhǎng dà), 循序漸進 [The Next Right Thing] (Taiwan) (Xúnxùjiànjìn), 心のままに [Into the Unknown] (Kokoro no mama ni), 恋の迷い子 [Lost In The Woods] (Koi no mayoigo), 我該哪裡走 [Lost In The Woods] (Ngo goi naa leoi zau), 有些事永不会变 [Some Things Never Change] (China) (Yǒu xiē shì yǒng bù huì biàn), 森林迷途 [Lost in the woods] (Taiwan) (Sēnlín mítú), 永遠不會變 [Some Things Never Change] (Taiwan) (Yǒng yuǎn bù huì biàn), 现出真的你 [Show Yourself] (China) (Xiàn chū zhēn de nǐ), 當我大個仔 [When I am Older] (Dong ngo daai go zai), 等我長大 [When I am Older] (Taiwan) (Děng wǒ zhǎng dà), 重頭改過 [The Next Right Thing] (Cung tau goi gwo), 長河盪樣 [All is Found] (Cheung ho dong yeung), 魔法の川の子守唄 [All Is Found] (Mahou no kawa no komoriuta), 변치 않는 것 [Some Things Never Change] (Byeonchi anhneun geos), 사랑이란 숲에서 길을 잃다 [Lost In The Woods] (Salang-ilan sup-eseo gil-eul ilhda), 순록이 사람보다 낫지 (Cont.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. There is no difference between your suggestion and the original version. )], Jotkin muutu ei [Some Things Never Change], La respuesta encontrarás [All Is Found] (European Spanish), Lakukan yang benar [The Next Right Thing], Le chant du renne (Nouvelle version) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. (Qualima) (Gavaznā az ādamā behtaran), گوزنا بهتر از آدمان [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People] (Goonishfilm) (Gavaznā behtar az ādamān), अनजान जहाँ [Into the Unknown] (Anjaan jahaan), कुछ है जो बदले ना [Some Things Never Change] (Kuchh hai jo badle naa), तू कौन है? Audio. Frozen 2 (OST) Lyrics mit Übersetzungen: Баллада о реке Ахтохаллэн [All is Found], Вновь за горизонт [Into the Unknown], Где же ты? Frozen II, also known as Frozen 2, is a 2019 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.The 58th animated film produced by the studio, and the sequel to the 2013 film Frozen, it features the return of directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, producer Peter Del Vecho, songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and composer Christophe Beck. )], Se encontrar [All Is Found] (Brazilian Portuguese), See ei muutu eal [Some Things Never Change], Šis, tas nemainās [Some Things Never Change], So wird’s immer sein [Some Things Never Change], Sobi jsou lepší než lidi (pokr.) Chat. Audio. April 1898 am Zusammenfluss von Nil und Atbara zwischen einer britisch-ägyptischen Armee und 15.000 sudanesischen Aufständischen, im Zuge der Niederschlagung des Mahdi-Aufstandes, statt. Cancel modifications Senden Jede Reproduktion ist untersagt. (Taiwan) (Bié ràng fēngxuě yǎngài ài), 別閃躲 [Show Yourself] (Taiwan) (Bié shǎnduǒ), 向未知探索 [Into the Unknown] (Taiwan) (Xiàng wèizhī tànsuǒ), 問馴鹿怎麽愛他人 [Reindeers are Better than People (Cont.)] Instagram @bydianemaclaine Tags: kids-christmas, kids-christmas-frozen, magical, magic-horse, ahtohallan Lyrics to the song All Is Found or Iduna's Lullaby by Evan Rachel Wood from Disney's Frozen 2. [Lost In The Woods] (Nannu vadili vellavaa? 11 Lost in the Woods. he said that evil soundtracks and songs should be on the pages of artists! Text von La berceuse d'Ahtohallan. )], Soby sú lepšie než ľudia (pokr.) (Inspired by Henry Selik's 2009 fillm Coraline, based off Neil Gaiman's book of the same name). Better than readding all the versions of that song here. 9 Into the Unknown A lullaby ending version of the song cut from the film is included on the deluxe edition of the film's soundtrack. In latin it doesn't exists, as the most of the words in this song. As I expected since I saw Frozen II, I’ve seen fans and viewers commenting their confusion over Elsa freezing when she goes deep into the caverns of Ahtohallan.We all remember that in the first film, when singing “Let It Go”, Elsa states that the cold weather, not even the ice and snow created from her own magic, has never bothered her before. (Sunlog-i salamboda nasji (Cont. Well I saw the short film and It didn't feature any new song but if it gets a new dubbing like: in Persian or Albanian then we would probably add a site for the short. [Let It Go] (European Spanish), Frozen (OST) - Και ξεχνώ [Let It Go] (Kai xehno), Salamat Sadıkova - Баллада о реке (Ballada o reke), Frozen (OST) - Все одно [Let It Go] (Vse odno), Frozen (OST) - Отпусти и забудь [Let It Go] (Otpusti i zabud), Frozen (OST) - Сад је крај [Let It Go] (Sad je kraj), Frozen (OST) - Слагам край [Let It Go] (Slagam kray), Frozen (OST) - Қанат қақ, қалыкта [Let it go] (Qanat qaq, qalıkta), Frozen (OST) - לעזוב [Let It Go] (La'azov), Frozen (OST) - أطلقي سركِ [Let It Go] (Aṭliqi sirraki), Frozen (OST) - फ़ना हो [Let It Go] (Fanaa ho), Frozen (OST) - ปล่อยมันไป [Let It Go] (Ploy-mun-pai), Frozen (OST) - ありのままで [Let It Go] (Ari no mama de), Frozen (OST) - 放開手 [Let It Go] (Taiwan) (Fàng kāi shǒu), Frozen (OST) - 随它吧 [Let It Go] (China) (Suí tā ba), Frozen (OST) - 다 잊어 [Let It Go] (Da Ijeo), Carlos Drummond de Andrade - Morte do Leiteiro. Link. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'to text' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. )], Els rens no són com els homes (Continuació) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. and the moderator, Juan from Portugal, is categorically against it, since he is looting pages, let's loot everything! [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Gwaang châang săen dee yîng gwàa pôo kon (Dtòr)), ดินแดนที่ไม่รู้ [Into the Unknown] (Din daen têe mâi róo), ทางไหนไม่รู้ [Lost In The Woods] (Taang năi mâi róo), บางเรื่องไม่เคยเปลี่ยน [Some Things Never Change] (Baang rêuang mâi koie bplìan), สิ่งที่ควร [The Next Right Thing] (Sìng têe kuan), เผยตัวตน [Show Yourself] (Pŏie dtua dton), เมื่อฉันโตขึ้น [When I Am Older] (Mêua chăn dtoh kêun), おとなになったら [When I Am Older] (Otona ni nattara), ずっとかわらないもの [Some Things Never Change] (Zutto kawaranai mono), みせて、あなたを [Show Yourself] (Misete, anata o), わたしにできること [The Next Right Thing] (Watashi ni dekiru koto), トナカイのほうがずっといい [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] Frozen 2 (OST) Vše naleznem [All Is Found] lyrics: Tam, kde fouká severák, / Vládne krajům řeka ledová. )], Rena é melhor do que gente (Continuação) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] Photo. Photo. The official versions, as you say, are the official translations from the original English version. )], Renas são melhores que os homens (Continuação) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] 2 Some Things Never Change The song is a lullaby that Queen Iduna sings to her young daughters Anna and Elsa. Thanks for the... A lo oculto voy [Into the Unknown] (Latin Spanish [Outtake]), A rénszarvas jobb, mint az ember (Folytatás) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. (European Portuguese), Renos mejor que personas (Continuación) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (China) (Zuò xún lù bǐ zuò rén gèng hǎo), 內心不變樣 [Some Things Never Change] (Noi sam bat bin joeng), 冒險過往 [All is Found] (Taiwan) (Màoxiǎn guòwǎng), 別讓風雪掩蓋愛 [Reindeers are Better than People (Cont.)] (Oi ánthropoi, Sven, me pligónoun (Synéchisi)), Σαν Μεγαλώσω [When I Am Older] (San megalóso), Στ' άγνωστο να ρθω [Into the Unknown] (St' ágnosto na rtho), Є навік живе [Some Things Never Change] (Ye navik zhyve), Једног дана [When I Am Older] (Jednog dana), Адамнан бұғылар артық [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] Quasi ein neuen Text erfunden und das als Übersetzung andrehen. Text to Speech. These languages work on Windows 7, but some may not yet work on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. Audio. 1 All Is Found It is the opening track of the film's soundtrack album. )], Sobovi prave su face (Nastavak) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. [Reindeers Are Better Than People (Cont)], Rusa lebih baik dari manusia [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. And in case it didn't have songs, wouldn't it be necessary? Lyrics to the song All Is Found or Iduna's Lullaby by Evan Rachel Wood from Disney's Frozen 2. [Lost In The Woods], Vse kot vedno je [Some Things Never Change], Wat hetzelfde blijft [Some Things Never Change], Điều không đổi dời [Some Things Never Change], Αναλλοίωτη [Some Things Never Change] (Analloíoti), Θα σε κρατάω [All Is Found] (Tha se kratáo), Μες στα Δάση έχω χαθεί [Lost In The Woods] (Mes sta dási écho chatheí), Να βγω για νέα αρχή [The Next Right Thing] (Na vgo yia néa arkhí), Οι άνθρωποι, Σβεν, με πληγώνουν (Συνέχιση) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (I don't speak Russian — I used Google Translate, sorry if I misunderstood your comments). [Verse 1] Where the north wind meets the sea. [Show Yourself] (Tu kaun hai? Do you even know what you are talking about? Aber das is auch das letzte Mal: Schreib die Übersetzung selbst. there is no such artist--frozen ost, remove all songs quickly!! The mobile dictionary results are enriched with translations in context, words and expressions added by the users. Link. bekannt durch Frozen 2. Without permission, all uses other than home and private use are forbidden.All musical material is re-recorded and does not use in any form the original music or original vocals or any feature of the original recording. Photo. Cancel modifications Senden Jede Reproduktion ist untersagt. )), 숨겨진 세상 [Into the Unknown] (Sumgyeojin sesang), 어른이 된다는 건 [When I Am Older] (Eoleun-i doendaneun geon), 해야 할 일 [The Next Right Thing] (Haeya hal il), David Bisbal - Mucho más allá [Into the Unknown], Fernando Daniel - Muito Mais Além [Into the Unknown] (European Portuguese), Giuliano Sangiorgi - Nell’ignoto [Into the Unknown], Mark Forster - Wo noch niemand war [Into the Unknown], Dauren Sergazin - Белгісіздікке [Into the Unknown] (Belgisizdikke), Indira Edilbayeva - Берін табасйн [All Is Found] (Berin tabasyn), Roman Arkhipov - Вновь за горизонт [Into the Unknown] (Vnov za gorizont), Nakul Abhyankar - अनजान जहाँ [Into the Unknown] (Anjaan jahaan), Smita Malhotra Rosemeyer - यादों की नदिया [All is Found] (Yaadon ki nadiya), Nakul Abhyankar - இழுக்கும் மாயோள் [Into the Unknown] (Izhukkum maayoll), Sunitha Sarathy - வாடை சேரும் பேராழி [All Is Found] (Vaadai serum peraazhi), Nakul Abhyankar - నీ మాయ వల్లో [Into the Unknown] (Nee maaya val lo), Sunitha Sarathy - హంస దీవి తీరాన [All Is Found] (Hamsa dheevi teeraana), Gina Alice - 回忆之河 [All is Found] (China) (Huí yì zhī hé), Super–Vocal - 寻找真相 [Into the Unknown] (China) (Xún zhǎo zhēn xiāng [Into the Unknown] (China)), Mizuki Nakamoto - 心のままに [Into the Unknown] (Kokoro no mama ni), Taeyeon - 숨겨진 세상 [Into the Unknown] (Sumgyeojin sesang), Frozen (OST) - All'alba sorgerò [Let It Go], Yvar - Een onbekend oord [Into the Unknown], Frozen (OST) - Já Passou [Let It Go] (European Portuguese), Frozen (OST) - Lass jetzt los [Let It Go], Frozen (OST) - Libérée, délivrée [Let It Go], Frozen (OST) - Libre soy [Let It Go] (Latin Spanish), Frozen (OST) - Livre Estou [Let It Go] (Brazilian Portuguese), Frozen (OST) - ¡Suéltalo! Translation of 'Ahtohallan [All is Found]' by Frozen 2 (OST) from Dutch to German Excuse me, I am against it? OST Frozen 2 содержит только 11 композиций, все остальное - переводы с оригинала. Nutzen Sie einfach folgende Eingabemaske, um Texte und Artikel in Deutsch automatisch umschreiben zu lassen. In der Deluxe-Version des Soundtracks des Films ist eine Version des Liedes enthalten, das mit einem Wiegenlied endet. Text automatisch online umschreiben. There's a contradiction between your language claims and your written discourse, I often do not understand what you're saying. All Is Found Lyrics. 5 Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People frozen 2 ahtohallan song lyrics english. So you don't have to shove they in here. Frozen 1, Frozen 2... Куда Моды смотрят? Free Text-to-Speech languages are available for download from Open source provider eSpeak. Quote. Ask. Ask. Deutschen Text automatisch umschreiben mit Hilfe des Online-Text-Umschreibers! Er stellt die Fortsetzung des 2013 erschienenen Die Eiskönigin – Völlig unverfroren … 3 Into the Unknown Unsubscribe. Ahtohallan (Daggerspine) Azerothian Dragon Riders - 50 Human Frost Death Knight, 117 ilvl All OST pages on LyricsTranslate which exist in multiple languages are published like this. )], Fai ciò che è giusto [The Next Right Thing], Fazer o que é melhor [The Next Right Thing] (Brazilian Portuguese), Geen weg uit het woud [Lost In The Woods], Geyikler insandan iyidir (Devam) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont. ), Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.) Der Atbara (arabisch نهر عطبرة, DMG Nahr ʿAṭbara), auch Schwarzer Nil genannt, ist ein rechter Nebenfluss des Nils in Äthiopien und in Sudan. )], Livet går sin gang [Some Things Never Change], Livet går sin gang [Some Things Never Change] (Norwegian), Lo que hay que hacer [The Next Right Thing] (Latin Spanish), Lo que no cambiará [Some Things Never Change] (European Spanish), Mil memorias [All Is Found] (Latin Spanish), Minha intuição [Into The Unknown] (Brazilian Portuguese), Mostra-Te [Show Yourself] (European Portuguese), Muéstrate [Show Yourself] (European Spanish), Muéstrate [Show Yourself] (Latin Spanish), Muito mais além [Into the Unknown] (European Portuguese), Multe sunt cum sunt [Some Things Never Change], Nada vai mudar [Some Things Never Change] (Brazilian Portuguese), Não Sei Onde Estou [Lost In The Woods] (Brazilian Portuguese), Nechcem fůru změn [Some Things Never Change], No tot canviarà [Some Things Never Change], O que está certo [The Next Right Thing] (European Portuguese), Oleni priyatney, chem lyudi [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.
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