Sully says Cloud Dancing taught him not to hate and that anger has clouded his judgement. The episode "The Homecoming" saw the Army encampment being torn down. Sully is shot, leaving Colleen to treat him. Meanwhile, the Cooper kids scramble to put Thanksgiving supper together. As Black Moon's condition gets worse, he decides to surrender himself in exchange for safe passage for his men. A Time to Heal is the eigth and ninth episodes of Season 6 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, the one hundred twenty-sixth and one hundred twenty-seventh episodes of the series, and the sixth two part episode.An epidemic of diphtheria hits town and Dr. Mike sends Brian and Katie to hide with Sully until it's over. The next day, Hank shows Dr. Mike the drawing. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike's family brings Andrew Cook (Brandon Douglas), a new doctor, to town. Preston makes plans to buy the Indian land for a lumber mill. Loren rushes him to Dr. Mike. She overjoyed to learn Matthew wanted her all to himself. Together with Cloud Dancing and Sully, Dr. Mike visits the Freedman's Village and treats sick children. Custer then threatens to execute Cloud Dancing if he doesn't give him the information he wants in two days. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Pilot (2 hours). Everyone’s money and Colleen’s gold watch are also missing. Dr. Mike discovers a lump in Dorothy’s breast and recommends a, Dorothy approaches Sully and asks him to talk to Michaela about respecting her decision not to have cancer surgery. Jake refuses to believe her diagnosis, claiming his father is faking it out of guilt. Matthew finds and confronts them, and recovers the stolen money and pocket watch. Jake and Loren take water from the reservation, and sell it, ignoring the warnings that it's not for human consumption; many townspeople become sick and get, A dance is coming up, setting the young girls in a tizzy. The Senator refuses to listen to Dr. Mike and has her thrown out. Horace buys a gun and tells Myra he wishes Hank was dead. He is then convinced the time has come to start acting more grown up, both so he can win her affections and because Brian is tired of being babied by people. Peter gets sick from worrying about his Pa Matthew, but goes to the woods anyway and saves Dr. Mike. Also Jake and Teresa are drawn strangely close as they use the school house as a morgue to accommodate those ravaged by the epidemic. Sully learns to ride a horse. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series Dr. … Although the book quickly becomes a bestseller, Dorothy is dismayed by the angry reaction of her friends and neighbors, who feel betrayed by the secrets she has revealed. Charlotte helps Dr. Mike acclimatize and they bond. After being shot point blank by a man with a grudge against doctors, Dr. Mike suffers of post-traumatic stress and has trouble going back to work. Zack is laughed at, bullied, and called an idiot by the other schoolchildren and runs away. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Dr. Mike is nominated for Colorado's Woman of the Year and the town regales the judge with her accomplishments. Upon noticing the war paint on a horse, the two soldiers are shot dead and taken away to be buried. Dr. Mike risks the health of her unborn baby when she helps a mysterious and beautiful stranger who carries a dreaded disease. After Myra walks out on Hank, and he angrily throws out all her things onto the street, only the town's love for the infinitely unlovable Hank can pull him from the brink of a deadly coma, after breaking into a drunken rage over Myra ending his entertaining contract at the saloon. Loren overhears Dr. Mike tells Dorothy she will die if she doesn’t have the operation. Sully offers to make some homestead renovations but Dr. Mike insists she is happy with it the way it is. Horace receives the Denver paper which reports the stock market crash. Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. After much heartbreak and disagreement they bring the baby to meet Cloud Dancing along with the Cooper kids and the Reverend. The next day Dr. Mike asks Colleen to drop off some herbs to Miss Nelson's for arthritis but Colleen gets caught up in Gilda's affairs that she is negligent of her responsibilities. When Brian encourages Jake to do as Dr. Mike says, Jake coldly remarks that just because a person has children doesn't mean they are a father, reminding him of Ethan. Meanwhile, a man keeps turning up "dead" in different areas of the town, first at Jake's barber shop, Hank's saloon, then at Grace's cafe, disappearing whenever the townspeople go to fetch Dr. Mike. Sister Ruth comes into the clinic and Dr. Mike tries to get her to leave because she wasn't welcome at her meeting. Jake has Dr. Mike arrested and put in jail for treating a fugitive Indian, even after she has publicly endorsed him at the public debate. After she died, they sent Zack to live with Mrs. Johnson because he was "simple." Sully tells Max a story about a mother bear and her cubs and in the end, Max is not able to go through with the hunt even after finding a bear. As Thanksgiving approaches, Dr. Mike attempts to convince the townsfolk to share their feast with the impoverished Indians living at the Palmer Creek reservation. Ten-year-old Brian becomes smitten with Sara, an "older woman" of 11 who arrives in town with her recently widowed mother. Ingrid succumbs to the rabies and passes away, devastating Matthew. Loren offers Dorothy a business proposition – using his store as collateral, he took out a loan from a bank in Denver to buy the gazette. As the execution approaches, emotions run high, and Matthew must take a strong stand to maintain law and order, but is tormented by Hank's eagerness to assist him and disturbingly savvy knowledge of hangings, as he believes Matthew lacks the constitution for executing someone. Back in town, Daniel receives a job offer to run gold mine. Dr. Mike is shocked by her sister Marjorie's her liberal behavior and her open relationship with Loren Bray after she joins the women's suffrage movement. Brian's second attempt seems to work as he flies it like a kite and when he mentions building a bigger one, Dr. Mike tells him he is not ready. Dr Mike oversees such cases as: negligence on Hank's part in breaking Horace's nose; a land dispute between Grace and Dorothy over who owns the land that the cafe resides on when both hold legal deeds; wrongful imprisonment of Hank; and, Loren slipping and falling at Preston's hotel. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was a show that focused on Dr. Mike, a woman doctor in a time when that was unheard of. In the night, Dr. Mike hears a baby crying and she goes to the barn and finds an unfinished rocking horse which Sully made for his child. It is Clarice, Zack’s mother. Loren, Jake, Horace, Robert E. and Grace and the other townspeople give money to Matthew to win money for them. So Dr. Mike and Sully leave. After Mrs Frankel arrives at the clinic with her sick baby, and invites Dr. Mike and the family to, Sully is sworn in and takes a job as an Indian Agent, only to discover corruptions rife within the system and a few Indians who have been poisoned by the ways of the white man. Diphtheria strikes Marjorie, and Daniel and Preston both fall seriously ill as the epidemic overshadows every activity. Preston offers Sully money to build his house in 4 months. Myra is attacked by a man while she is "entertaining," while Dr. Mike is outside of town campaigning and is unable to be there to help, which makes her wonder if she would be able to be mayor and still be the doctor the town needs. Dr. Mike becomes the first woman admitted into the prestigious American Medical Society, but her new credential doesn't help her diagnose a young boy's deadly illness. Despite being beaten by the Dog Soldiers, Jake tries to blame Horace. As a result, she and her grandfather become outcasts. Arguments erupt over whether the white man is imposing his teachings onto the children, making them forsake their own Indian culture. Matthew reads a telegram saying Custer is ordered to go south into Indian territory. Jake and Hank go out to collect the bounty. Charlotte takes Dr. Mike on a trip to the past, present and future. Daniel begins to fall in love with Dr. Mike, who doesn't see the signs, which inflames Sully's earlier resentment creating a divide between Sully and Daniel. When Jake places a tombstone to mark the grave, Brian asks him what he is going to put on it, and after telling him the heartfelt epitaph, Jake breaks down sobbing in Brian's arms. Loren, the unforgiving father-in-law, threatens to take back Sully's homestead. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike fears for Brian as he is obsessed with building a flying machine, her fear growing as the town gets behind him in his efforts. She wrote a note leaving her belongings to her friends and family among which, 200 cattle to Matthew and a gold pocket watch to Colleen. Dr. Mike refuses to leave his bed side and when they finally get word that the specialist is coming they find ... A woman dies and they find a hidden boy at her house. The conflict takes a dangerous turn when Two Spears, a Pawnee renegade, attempts to kill Cloud Dancing. Imagining herself as a damsel in distress and Sully as her knight in shining armor, Colleen purposely sets out to get lost in an abandoned mine and leaves a letter for Sully, hoping he will rescue her. He decides to take them into town where he runs into the Army looking for Dog Soldiers. However, the townspeople object, fueling the flame of her hatred for whites. Everyone is amazed when the cattle come into town. As the town's big Halloween celebration approaches, Brian's classmate convinces him that the. Dr. Mike challenges Jake to a debate, and confesses that, while she wouldn't do anything without the town's vote, her personal preference would be to outlaw drinking. Robert E. making his first act as a new member of the town council receives a government grant and books to open the first black school, "Freedmans' School." Dr. Mike and the reverend are skeptical when a so-called religious healer comes to town. When Cheyenne medicine man Cloud Dancing is wounded by General Custer, who intends to hang him, Sully and Dr. Mike join forces to help him escape. He agrees to let her speak on his behalf to the army to arrange for safe passage to the Northern Cheyenne territory. On his way to quit as an Indian Agent, Sully discovers Loren working on his wagon wheel. Dr. Mike reminds Matthew of how he took Olive's cattle when Ingrid's family were starving but Matthew refuses to give them up. Finally, one elderly woman tells him. They find the Settlement abandoned but even though it is the night before Christmas they help the young couple to find their family. Matthew informs Sully that he needs his help looking in on a prisoner in jail while he is away helping a company defend against theft. Dr. Mike brings down Gilda's necklace saying that she might find occasion while at school to wear it but Colleen hands it back saying that it's "not her", laughing. Cloud Dancing provides the turkey and is invited to Thanksgiving with Ingrid. Robert E releases anger over his separation from Grace through his furious fists in the boxing ring, where he takes on an ailing champ (Richard Roundtree) who's on tour. Black Kettle moves the Cheyenne to Fort Cobb, as they have been promised protection. Dr. Mike then realizes that his only intention is to replace his dead son Carlton after learning he blames his brother, Michaela's father, for his son's death and not to further Brian's career as a pianist. Preston accepts the offer. Dr. Mike fakes an illness, and knocks out two of them. Brian tries to shoot the turkey himself, but at the same time Cloud Dancing is also hunting the same turkey. After a batch of nitroglycerin is accidentally spilled, the rest of Matthew's family fear that he will soon share in a similar fate, but they are unable to reason with him, nor does the Reverend manage to console him. Dr. Mike is disappointed when her mother and sisters can't make it to her wedding. Chief Black Kettle decides that as long as there is one white man talking the Cheyenne will not die and that Jake must provide horses and food to the family of Little Eagle. Next, a herd of horses runs past, and Sully's horse runs after them, and he loses his horse. Will she ever feel happy again or trust in mankind? The next day, Ethan and Lillian arrive and Ethan signs Brian and Colleen over to be adopted by Dr. Mike and Sully. Dr. Mike walks her patient over to the Chinese camp where they intervene when a couple tries to bind their young daughter's feet. Series Top 100 News Premium Forum. He wires the army and Robert E, Dorothy, Daniel, Matthew, Dr. Mike and Sully only have 2 days before they arrive. Loren tells Dorothy that she should be dancing and leads her to Cloud Dancing and tells her that it's OK. Brian breaks down crying and tells her about missing his Ma. She is hit especially hard after failing to get a shipment of medicine in time to treat Maude Bray, who suffers a fatal heart attack. When Jake asks "How am I supposed to get home?" Hank gives Zack a job cleaning the saloon. McKay, she learns that his superior, Major Morrison has arrived in Colorado Springs and intends to kill all the Indians. Sully takes it upon himself to buy food with his own money. Custer makes a surprise return to Colorado Springs, saying that General Sheridan is the one to have told him to come. Surprisingly and ironically, Hank's the only person in town that can quiet Samantha, Myra and Horace's eternally crying baby. Sully tells Porter he is leaving, and it is a promise. Dorothy offers to break Cloud Dancing out of prison and go with him to live in the Indian territory, but he doesn't want her to give up her friends and her life as a writer. After they come across dead bodies and Apache arrows, they come to the place Matthew thought there was water, but there is none. Sully teams up with men that Preston has hired to steal the dynamite from the dam company to prevent any actions of violence. (He is also a sensitive hunk who throws a mean tomahawk.) Sully tries to deter him, but to no avail. But Dr. Mike pays for tickets for everyone except Sully. Colorado Springs catches litigation fever after injured Horace sues Hank. Lucius wanders off again and hitches up one of Robert E's mules, mistaking it for the one he forgot had died. Sully goes to Cloud Dancing and tries to stop him. Even after the truth about the shooting comes into light, Cloud Dancing refuses to let it be known, seeing that this ordeal has facilitated peaceful coexistence at the reservation. Sam Lindsay, an older independent woman, decides to end her medical treatment and take off into the wilderness. She also suggests to Brian to ask Loren to go fishing. Colleen experiences the same prejudices as Dr. Mike, while Elizabeth Quinn is found to be gravely ill. Sully gets caught up in a land conspiracy while Brian finds a job with the Boston Globe. Dr. Mike discovers that she's pregnant, and complications involving Founders' Day plans arise among the townsfolk. When they think Matthew is standing guard, he slips away in search for Jesse and Ned. Matthew tries to get a turkey, but with no success. Sully assumed he inherited the property from his deceased wife, Abagail, Loren's daughter. She tells him what it means to be courting. Ironically, Lucius finally struck gold after all these years and has a large gold nugget to show for his troubles, but lost his mind in the process. Matthew, Colleen and Brian are forced to ask around for food. Dr. Mike, Sully and Colleen choose to focus on the positives. The box is returned to Cloud Dancing who tells Loren he is a "courageous and honorable" man. His distaste for Sully and their way of life comes to light in a big way after the accident and causes great discord for the family. Sully tells Dr. Mike Ethan needs the kids to claim her inheritance. The McGees arrive in Colorado Springs and rob Loren's store. Chronologically this episode takes place after the episode "Civil Wars" but before the episode "Safe Passage." Dorothy chastises Loren for his lies, and realizes she must print a retraction immediately. Dr. Mike advises Belle if she turns herself in she will get a lighter sentence. As they arrive at the point where the washed out road ends, Sully falls down the side of the cliff. Meanwhile, Brian finds the money to buy the Eagle off Loren who reluctantly agrees. Episode Ep. She tries to act tough and orders Colleen around and treats her like dirt and Colleen ends up sleeping in the barn. When he bring presents home for everyone, Dr. Mike is not happy with Matthew playing poker. When the midnight deadline to pay off the loan approaches, the Reverend begins to panic when he still cannot obtain any money from the town, which culminates with a nightmare of Hank coming to steal his life away. Sully says to Matthew a man can't learn if he doesn't make mistakes. Sully tells Loren about how his Ma drowned when he was 10, came out and met Abigail and now Washita. Sully offers Dr. Mike his abandoned homestead to live in and she accepts. Meanwhile Colleen convinces Brian to do what is right for the horse. Brian comes down with the influenza and Colleen... Dr Mike's upper-class mother visits from Boston, disapproving of her daughter's choices, acquainting herself with her daughter's new family. This is where we learn a lot about Jake's past and why he closes his heart off to the idea of love. Grace chooses Dr. Mike as her maid of honour, while Sully is chosen to be Robert E.'s best man. He is also shocked and surprised to see Sully alive. Brian tells Zack everyone cries when they lose people they love, and Zack breaks down and is comforted by Brian. Dr. Mike admits she is frightened by the intimacy of marriage and Sully assures her he will take it easy. Dr. Mike forgets about Snowbird's initiation, after Sully reminds her, and tells her if she becomes Mayer, she'll be busier than ever. While Dr. Mike leaves to join Cloud Dancing in a sweat-lodge to heal their souls, Sully and Brian work at the new homestead and build their special bed he has been working on. Even after Matthew convinces Preston to testify on Sully's behalf he is sentenced to serve time in jail. The Reverend suddenly loses his sight due to. Then finds out about her secret-she has cancer. Hank decides to leave, separating Myra and Horace. Kid Cole says everybody dies and Sister Ruth asks him wouldn't you rather be right with the Lord when you die. The citizens of Colorado Springs think Sully is dead, unaware that Daniel and Michaela have found him. But the grandfather arrives and intervenes. Horace's gout is "healed" but Dr. Mike is not impressed. Michaela & Sully make plans to adopt the children so Sully can be their Pa, but Dr. Mike loses custody of Brian and Colleen when their father, Ethan Cooper, arrives with his new rich bride Lillian. A famous civil war photographer realizes he may be taking his last picture after Dr. Mike discovers that he is going blind. Dr. Mike's elation at Colleen's acceptance to medical school quickly turns to disappointment when Colleen chooses to marry Andrew before starting school. Dr. Mike treats him, but the senile man wanders off into the barbershop, where Jake Slicker gives him a shave and a haircut. Michaela worries when Charlotte's husband, Ethan Cooper, comes back to the family he abandoned, convincing almost everyone of his newfound ways. Meanwhile, the Army returns for Cloud Dancing, the bad feelings escalate between Horace and Myra, and young Dr. Cook must perform a major operation. Sully tells Robert E to make her talk, and when he does, she tells him, she can not go on living like this. 1. Dr. Mike receives a telegram from Miss Olive saying: "Down with fever. After being nominated for Woman of the Year by a suffragette organization, Dr. Mike feels overwhelmed by the pressure to win. Matthew finally learns the truth listening to his side of the story as Sully explains it to Michaela. Episodes were broadcast in standard definition. Unfortunately, Matthew must learn the hard way that the easier it looks, the harder it hooks. Racism floods the townspeople and young Anthony is seriously injured saving another white student from being run over by wagon when its horses are spooked. Cloud Dancing says, "You may keep the shoes". Grace wants to adopt a baby but can't, and Horace tries to apologize to her. The search for Katie takes Sully, Michaela, and their friends on an adventure through Mexico that is filled with danger at every turn. When the youth dies from an infection he contracted from the bullet entering his body, Sergeant O'Connor, his commanding officer, demands military justice. Despite the Senator's bigoted nature, Sully, Matthew and Robert E. agree to help him find his son, along with the help of the other men in town. Chief Black Kettle later arrives at the homestead asking about Cloud Dancing. Matthew hires the rest of the trail hands, promising them 2 head of steer each. But Major Morrison arrives, ready to shoot all of them, including Sully and Matthew, if necessary. Sam rebukes Dr. Mike for following her, but Dr. Mike refuses to leave her. Colleen is upset, saying that she's only saying that because Dr. Mike doesn't want Colleen to travel with Gilda. My Series. Walks on Cloud releases Dr. Mike and is then shot by One Eye. Hank accuses Grace of trying to poison him with her cooking. Abagail appears to Dr. Mike a second time saying that she wants Dr. Mike out of her house. Walks on Cloud says that his father is becoming old and that his father's friends (Dr Mike and Sully) are now his enemy, threatening to kill them if he sees them again. Pilot. Black Moon: Gregory Norman Cruz. She decides to write a letter to Sully and goes into the mountains in hopes that he will find her. The Reverend sees this as well as he fears the trauma has blackened her soul. Aaron's mother takes Aaron away while the children are caroling because she feels it is threatening the culture and religion he was raised to follow. With no other means of gathering funding, he does the unthinkable and asks Hank for a loan, putting the church up as collateral. Jake accidentally kills Little Eagle while hunting for deer with Loren, which instantly triggers hostile retaliation from the Cheyenne. Dr. Mike discovers that the railroad has hired hunters to clear buffalo herds and Indians out of a proposed railroad path.
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